The Big Guide

The BIG Guide

Age-Friendly Ards and North Down: A great place to live and grow older 

As part of The Big Plan for Ards and North Down a commitment was made for Ards and North Down to be ‘age friendly’ and part of the World Health Organisation movement. Our Age Friendly Strategy explains how we will make our area a “great place to live and grow older”. The Age Friendly Alliance is a partnership between lots of organisations who are working together to make this happen. 

It is important that everyone living and visiting Ards and North Down is valued and respected, regardless of their age. To understand what people, regard as important, we undertook a series of surveys across all age groups. It was clear that many people struggle to find out where to access help. This was particularly true for people who are not confident accessing the internet and wanted to be able to talk to a person about their issue. 

To help with this, we have produced the Big Guide to Age Friendly Ards and North Down containing useful information on how to access important services and where to go for help when you have a specific problem. This includes support for older people, more accessible access to mental health services and getting people reconnected. It also includes some useful information on how to keep safe in your home and avoid being the victim of a scam.  

Copies of The Big Guide Publication

Pick up a copy of the guide in our public buildings or access a digital copy of the guide below

The BIG Guide online publication (

Requests for hard copies can also be submitted to or by contacting 0300 013 3333.