Electrification of Council's Parks equipment

Action Areas: Energy/ Carbon Emmissions/ Biodiversity & Nature

In November 2018, the Council made a commitment to Carbon Neutrality.  One of the practical ways we are delivering on this, is by moving from traditional fossil fuels to lower carbon, battery powered equipment. 

Our Parks team from Ward Park in Bangor was the first service area to progress this with the introduction of low-carbon, battery-powered bowling green lawn mowers.

Two men (Greenkeepers) standing on a bowling green with three new electric mowers.

The team’s vision was to ‘look after each other and the environment’, by purchasing electric mowers.  Employees can now benefit from a reduction in both Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and whole-body vibrations, as well as less noise impact and exposure to fumes.

The wider environment is benefitting from reduced noise, the removal of emissions and the creation of healthier spaces for all.

There are very few manufacturers for this type of equipment and it is quite new in its design, meaning it is more expensive than standard diesel/ petrol alternatives.

A period of monitoring is being carried out to assess how long it will take for the initial higher capital investment to be repaid with savings through fuel consumption.

Council has also invested in other low-carbon, battery-powered machinery including sprayers, strimmers, leaf-blowers and hedge cutters.