Can you take a STAND for Sustainability?

Our STAND for Sustainability is about both the Council and the Borough.  If we are to meet the ambitious goals we have set, we will need support from individuals and organisations across Ards and North Down.  Please consider how you can help!  

Council employees: As a collective, employees of the Council at all levels must collaborate to ensure that our Roadmap is successfully implemented and delivered.  Individually, employees must integrate sustainable thinking, practices and behaviours within their day-to-day work.

The Council is developing training for all staff that will outline the practices and behaviours they must deliver on (e.g. within the areas of energy and water conservation/efficiency, waste reduction, safer working practices, stress management, responsible procurement and consumption, respect for fellow colleagues).  

Elected Members: must demonstrate leadership as representatives of the Borough’s residents by both promoting and living the principles of the Roadmap. They should also actively encourage residents and businesses within the Borough to adopt sustainable behaviors as part of their everyday lives.

Residents: will play a crucial role in making the Borough more sustainable.  Residents will be expected to participate in the Council’s various sustainability related initiatives to improve and encourage sustainable living. Key areas may include sustainable food provision, waste reduction, water and energy conservation, reducing litter and dog fouling, staying safe, respecting your neighbours, preserving Borough facilities for the enjoyment of all, reducing vandalism and crime and supporting/ participating in economic development activity.

The Council will be developing and communicating a sustainable living programme to encourage and promote the adoption of sustainable behaviours within the Borough.

Business owners:  Follow any relevant guidelines and awareness being developed and communicated by the Council on how to operate more sustainably. Engage with the Council’s sustainability initiatives.  .

Developers within the Borough: Follow any relevant guidelines and awareness being developed and communicated by the Council on how to operate more sustainably.  Engage with the Council’s sustainability initiatives.

The Council aims to set the bar high with any new or refurbishment projects. Innovation and future proofing will be key to any new projects to support the Council in meeting its aim of being an exemplar in sustainability.