Public toilets

Opening Hours

  • MAY to AUGUST (Summer) - toilets are opened from 8am to 7pm
  • SEPTEMBER to APRIL (Winter) - toilets are opened 8am to 6pm

The toilets at South Pier and The Parade are open to 9pm during July and August and close at 6pm for the rest of the year along with Mill Street (Ards) and Bridge Street (Comber). These 4 toilet blocks open at 8am all year round.

Please note, there may be slight variation in closing times due to cleansing staff travelling between sites: staff will start closing the facilities from 6pm in winter and 7pm in summer.

There are also a number of Changing Places in Council facilities. They are located in:

- Bangor Aurora Aquatics and Leisure Complex (two facilities available)
- Comber Leisure Centre
- Ards Blair Mayne Wellbeing and Leisure Complex
- Groomsport Harbour Public Toilets

For more information about Changing Places please visit Changing Places Toilets (

List of Public Toilets

BangorAbbey Street
BangorBank's Lane
BangorBallyholme Promenade
BangorCastle Park
BangorSouth Pier. [Note, there is also an Automatic Public Convenience / accessible 24/7 /costs 20p]
BangorWalled Garden
BangorWard Park
BallygowanBallygowan Petrol Station [Not a Council owned facility but is accessible to members of the public]
BallyhalbertHarbour Road
BallywalterSpringvale Road
ClougheyMain Road
ComberCastle Park
Comber Islandhill
DonaghadeeThe Commons
GreyabbeyMain Street
GroomsportHarbour Road
HolywoodHibernia Street
KircubbinShore Road
MillisleBallywalter Road
NewtownardsCunningburn [Note, this is an Automatic Public Convenience / accessible 24/7 /costs 20p]
NewtownardsLondonderry Park
NewtownardsMill Street
Newtownards (Craigantlet)Cairn Wood
PortaferryCastle Park (Automatic Public Convenience, accessible 24/7, costs 20p)
PortavogieAnchor Car Park