Request for works to tree(s) protected by a TPO

If works are required to trees protected by a TPO, a request to carry out works to trees can be made to the Council and should include the following details:

  1. The tree tag number(s) as identified within the Order or a map clearly identifying the location of each tree of concern;
  2. A detailed explanation of the exact work you wish to carry out (for example: felling, reduction in end weight, removal of deadwood etc.). You may wish to seek advice from a qualified tree surgeon who can make appropriate recommendations for work;
  3. The reason(s) why you wish to carry out the work.

A request for works to tree(s) protected by a TPO can be made by anyone and you do not need to be in ownership of the tree(s). If consent is granted, you will, however, require consent from the owner prior to commencing the work and the Council will advise that such work should be carried out by a suitably qualified tree surgeon.

From 5th December 2022, tree works applications can also be submitted online through the NI Planning Portal at this link: within the Applications tab.

The Council in assessing a request for works to protected trees will ensure that the tree work proposed is deemed appropriate and acceptable to British Standard 3998:2010 – Tree Work - Recommendations. In cases where consent is granted for removal of a protected tree this may be subject to a condition specifying replanting as a requirement.

Consent is not required from the Council for the following under Section 122 (5) of the Act:

to cut down, uproot, top or lop a tree which is dead or has become dangerous;

to carry out works to trees by a statutory undertaker (including Roads, Water and NIE); 

necessary for the prevention or abatement of a nuisance.

In these circumstances, there is an onus on the owner to provide evidence to the Council to substantiate why the tree work has been completed, if not notified in advance. There is also a requirement to carry out replanting for trees that are removed.  It is for the Council to determine the requisite replanting required.

Further information relating to TPOs can be found in the Department of Environment (DOE) document: Tree Preservation Orders – A Guide to Protected Trees

In order to submit a Request for Works to Trees which are protected by a TPO, 

From 5th December 2022, tree works applications can also be submitted online through the NI Planning Portal at this link: using the Applications link


please complete the PDF application BELOW and e-mail it to the general Planning Inbox at