Public speaking at Planning Committee meetings

The next Planning Committee meeting is on Tuesday 5 March and the schedule of planning applications will be published on the Council’s website on 20 February.

Public speaking at Planning Committee meetings - Getting Involved

Download information about getting involved in the planning process and how to request speaking rights at a Planning Committee meeting.

A list of the current members of the Planning Committee is available to view by clicking on the attachement at the foot of the page.

Speaking Rights (Revised November 2018)

The deadline for requesting speaking rights for the proposals to be heard at the 5 March meeting will close at 5pm on 26 February. 

From December 2018's Committee onward, speaking rights will be limited to a total of 5 minutes for and 5 minutes against, regardless of the number of speakers.

To read how to request speaking rights, go to "Public speaking at Planning Committee meetings" page.