Next Planning Committee

The next Planning Committee meeting is on Tuesday 6 October at 7pm. The protocol for the operation of virtual Planning Committee meetings is available to view at the link BELOW. 

The schedule for October's Committee meeting will be published on this webpage by 10am on 23 September. The deadline to  request Speaking Rights will close at 5pm on 29 September.

Following each meeting, the recording and minutes of the meetings will be available on the Minutes page of the Council website within the usual timeframe.

The next Planning Committee meeting is on Tuesday 6th October 2020. The schedule of applications to be heard by the Committee will be published on this webpage on 23 September. The deadline to  request Speaking Rights will close at 5pm on 29 Septemebr 2020.

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From the December 2018 Committee onward  speaking rights will be limited to a total of 5 minutes for and 5 minutes against, regardless of the number of speakers.

To read how to request speaking rights, go to "Public speaking at Planning Committee meetings" page.
Public speaking at Planning Committee meetings

From March 2019 audio recordings of each month’s Planning Committee meeting will be made by the Council, with the exception of items discussed ‘In Committee’.

These audio recordings will be posted on the Council’s webpages after the minutes of the meeting have been ratified at full Council. 

You should listen to both recordings, as Items heard at Planning Committee which relate to matters for which the Planning Committee does not have delegated
powers are subject to ratification by the full Council.

 All comments made by speakers appearing before the Committee, whether elected representatives, planning agents or members of the public, will be included within the recording.

The current membership of the Planning Committee, which was reconstituted in June 2020, is available to view by clicking on the attachment at the foot of the page.


Download the guidance leaflet BELOW explaining the protocol (Revised January 2019) that the Planning Committee follows when considering planning applications in Ards and North Down.