The Housing Monitor Report is a summary document produced by the Local Development Plan team of Ards and North Down Borough Council relating to the availability of land for housing development across the Borough and comprises tabular information extracted from the Council’s Housing Monitor Database.

The reports contain the findings of the Annual Housing Monitor and provide information on the methodology involved in undertaking the Housing Monitor.

Sites with planning permission that have now expired and have not yet commenced are now not physically monitored. These sites are now under an archive status retained within the Housing Monitor Database for information purposes but will not be included in any summary data tables.

To ensure that there is an adequate and continuous supply of available housing land within the Borough over the lifetime of the Local Development Plan, it is essential to record the number of dwelling completions and the level of housing land supply remaining available within the settlements and the countryside on a yearly basis.

The purpose of the Housing Monitor is to:

  • Monitor the course of housing development in settlements with regard to the Regional Development Strategy 2035
  • Monitor progress of housing development in settlements in accordance with the provisions of extant Development Plans
  • Monitor the development of residential properties in the countryside
  • Inform the preparation of the emerging Local Development Plan with regard to the allocation of land for housing
  • Provide information on the available potential for further housing development in settlements

Survey work was undertaken by the Local Development Plan team for each of the monitored sites as recorded in the Housing Monitor Database. The Council’s survey year ran from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023, with surveying undertaken throughout the year and a continuous inputting and analysis of information and data.

The survey covers all settlements as defined in extant development plans and includes all dwellings in the open countryside.  It identifies the number of dwelling units completed and the area of land developed and records the residual potential of land and dwellings that remains undeveloped on monitored sites within settlements.

Apartments are included in the Housing Monitor as dwellings. 

It should be noted that the Housing Monitor methodology has evolved and improved since its inception. This will in some instances affect direct comparison with the information from previous years undertaken by the former planning authority of DOE.

The Housing Land Availability Map Viewer provides information on the location, status and details of sites monitored as part of the most recent Housing Land Availability Monitor. 

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