If you are disturbed by noisy neighbours, whether they are residents or commercial premises, Environmental Health Officers can give advice or investigate the matter for you.
Almost 80% of noise nuisances concern domestic properties - most commonly barking dogs, DIY work and loud music.
If you have a complaint about noise, we will normally ask you to complete a noise monitoring form for two to three weeks.  If on completion, this information shows that a noise nuisance may exist, then we will attempt to gather independent evidence, either through a personal visit or setting up noise monitoring equipment to record and measure the noise.
Resolving a complaint can be done informally and we prefer to do this if possible because generally a solution can be found quickly and less hostility is created.
If an informal approach fails, we will take statutory action.  This could mean serving a notice on the offender or beginning legal proceedings if the offender fails to comply with the notice.

Contact an Environmental Health Officer by calling 0300 013 3333.