If you have problems with pests such as rats, mice or wasps, Environmental Health Officers can offer free advice and can visit your home to: 

  • identify the pest infesting your property and give you an indication of the extent of the problem
  • tell you which treatment is best suited to the pest and the area in which it has been found
  • advise you of cleaning practices and improvements to help avoid attracting pests to your property
  • advise you about employing a pest control contractor if you cannot carry out the treatment yourself


Rats and mice

  • Fill in holes in door or window frames, skirting boards, drainpipes and central heating pipes
  • Cover ventilation bricks with wire mesh
  • Regularly clear out the drain trap in your garden
  • Always cover food and store in sealed containers
  • Cut grass and hedges regularly
  • Never leave rubbish lying around
  • Don't leave food scraps out for birds, even on bird tables


  • Vacuum your house regularly
  • Get pets regularly treated by a vet for signs of fleas
  • Groom your pet outdoors to prevent fleas getting into your home
  • Wash animal bedding regularly using a mild detergent
  • Spray floor surfaces, particularly cracks and crevices, with an anti-flea spray


  • Always store leftover food in sealed containers
  • Clean your bin and drains regularly and never leave rubbish lying around
  • Use a fly spray


  • Check old or second hand furniture for signs of infestation
  • Wash and vacuum bedding regularly
  • Check your luggage and clothing after arriving back from holiday for signs of bedbug activity


  • Always store leftover food in sealed containers
  • Never leave rubbish or food waste lying around
  • Mend cracks, holes, loose wallpaper and broken tiles
  • Seal holes in door or window frames, skirting boards, drainpipes and water and central heating pipes

For more information contact the Public Health and Hygiene Team on 0300 013 3333.