Stray / Lost Dogs

A dog is a stray if it is unaccompanied and off the property or land where the owner keeps the dog. Neighbourhood Environment Officers may reunite a dog and owner.  There is a £25 fee for this service.  They can impound any stray dog for its own safety and take it to our kennels.  An impound fee of £35 for the first day or part thereof and £12 per day thereafter will be charged..

Allowing a Dog to Stray

As an alternative to prosecution, we may offer an opportunity to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice.  We can fine an owner £80 if they allow their dog to stray.  If they pay within 14 days, the fine is reduced to £60.

Report a Stray

If you find a stray dog you should report it to the Neighbourhood Environment Team and we will arrange collection.  It is a criminal offence not to report a stray.  When reporting a stray dog, you should tell us:

  • your name, address, telephone number
  • a description of the dog, including its type, colour, size and approximate age
  • the time, date and location where you found the dog 

For more information, contact the Neighbourhood Environment Team on 0300 013 3333.

Lost Dogs

Council provides modern kennelling facilities to provide for the safe keeping of a found dog for five days, after which time we will transfer a dog to private kennels for rehoming.  Daily kennelling fees and/or return to owner fees will apply to all dogs collected by our service and payment can be made by teh Neighbourhood Environment Team by calling 0300 013 3333.  Proof of ownership and payment of fees is required prior to the return of an impounded dog.

If your dog is collected by our officers a return to home fee of £25 becomes payable and/or if the dog is impounded in kennels, a daily kennelling charge (minimum £35) is payable. No return to home fee is charged if you make arrangements to be reunited at our office at 2 Church Street, Newtownards.

Fixed penalty fines for allowing a dog to stray and/or having no valid licence may also be applicable.

Out of Hours 

Whilst there is no statutory obligation for the Council to provide out of hours dog collections, our Officers will assist when possible. Early morning, late evening, weekend and public holiday availability will vary throughout the year.  When on duty, the Enforcement Officers on patrol may be contacted on the telephone number 028 9182 4044.  This number will divert to the officer’s mobile phone.