A dog is a stray if it’s unaccompanied and off the property or land where the owner keeps the dog. When a dog strays it can distress people who fear dogs, the owner and the dog. Neighbourhood Environment officers may reunite dog and owner if they have time and resources. They can impound any stray dog for its own safety and take it to our kennels. 

Letting a dog stray

We can fine an owner £80 if they allow their dog to stray. If they pay within 14 days, the fine is reduced to £60.

Report a stray
If you find a stray dog you should report it to us and we will arrange to collect it. It is a criminal offence not to report a stray.  When reporting a stray dog, you need to tell us:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • a description of the dog including its type, colour, size and approximate age
  • the time, date and location where you found the dog

For more information, contact the Neighbourhood Environment officers on 0300 013 3333.