It is normal for dogs to bark but excessive barking can be annoying and upsetting for your neighbours.  If you are out a lot or familiar with the barking, you might not realise quite how bad it is.

Complaints about barking dogs are processed jointly by the Neighbourhood Environment Team and, depending on the level of the complaint, the Environmental Health Team.
As a first step, staff will try to trace the dog through the council's licensing records and write to the dog owner explaining that a complaint has been received.
The complainant will also be notified about this action and forwarded monitoring sheets to record details of the noise.  If these record sheets are returned within four weeks - and they may not be because the problem has been resolved - they will be forwarded to the Environmental Health Team.
Officers from this section will monitor the noise, assess if a noise nuisance exists and take appropriate action, for example by issuing a noise abatement notice.
At each stage of the process, both the dog owner and the complainant will be kept informed.

What you can do to help:

  • take your dog for regular walks
  • provide chews toys and bones
  • change the position of the dog's kennel.
  • If your dog barks as a result of separation anxiety consider leaving the radio or television on when you're away to distract the dog

For more information contact the Neighbourhood Environment Team on 0300 013 3333 or email