Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles left out in the open for long periods of time often become targets for arson and vandalism, they are also an eyesore for people living nearby.

Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 the council can issue a £200.00 fixed penalty notice to the owner of an abandoned or nuisance vehicle.  In some circumstances we can remove and dispose of the vehicle.

Under the Pollution Control and Local Government (NI) Order 1978, we can remove motor vehicles unlawfully abandoned on any land.

A vehicle may be considered abandoned if it displays all or some of the following characteristics:

  • it has been left by the side of the road, on waste ground or on any public road
  • it has been there for a few weeks
  • it has been vandalised
  • the doors are opened or off their hinges, or the boot is open
  • the tyres are flat
  • it does not display a valid tax disc and has not been declared SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification)
  • it has been partially or fully burnt out

To report an abandoned vehicle contact the Neighborhood Environment Team on 0300 013 3333 or email net.admin@ardsandnorthdown.gov.uk.  Please provide us with as much information as possible about the vehicle, including:

  • make and model (for example Ford Focus)
  • colour
  • registration number
  • condition
  • exact location
  • approximate length of time it has been there