Service Plans

Ards and North Down Borough Council is committed to meeting a number of corporate objectives each year in line with our Corporate Plan. The Council's Service Plans set out a clear direction for individual service areas and are monitored through regular measurement and progress reporting in accordance with the Council's agreed methods.

Below is a summary of each of the Council's service areas, selecting the service title will allow you to download the most recent service plan.

The Administration Section, led by the Head of Administration, comprises of four service units which deliver a mix of frontline customer services and internal support services. The service units are Compliance, Customer Services, Democratic Services and Risk and each is led by a Service Unit Manager.  

Assets and Property Services 
The role of Assets and  Property Services is to proactively manage our estate in collaboration with service managers, to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’, maintain our assets in line with statutory regulations and industry best practice and to seek out opportunities to improve the condition and energy efficiency of our assets.

Community and Culture Service
The role of the Community and Culture Section is to provide a range of equitable, flexible and accessible services for visitors, residents and communities to include; Arts and Heritage programmes, Community Development support, an annual Good Relations programme, Policing and Community Safety support and Peace IV Funding.

Community Planning
The Local Government Act (NI) 2014 requires Ards and North Down Borough Council to initiate, maintain, facilitate and participate in Community Planning for our district. The Council is the lead partner and is required to put in place a process where we work with bodies (both named statutory and non-statutory) to develop and implement a shared vision for promoting the well-being of the Ards and North Down area, community cohesion and improving the quality of life of our citizens.

Communications and Marketing Service
The Communications and Marketing Service within Ards and North Down Borough Council is primarily concerned with protecting the organisation’s reputation, by both challenging negative perceptions and promoting positive message about what we do for, and on behalf of, residents, businesses and visitors.

Economic Development 
The role of the Economic Development  service is to promote and support the economic wellbeing and growth of the borough and to increase its potential as a place to work and invest.

Environmental Health Protection and Development
The role of the Environmental Health Protection and Development is to ensure a better quality of life for all.

The role of the Finance Service is to provide high-quality financial services that are compliant with legislation and best practice. Customers are largely other internal Council services, however staff interface with a significant number of external people and organisations in the delivery of those corporate services.

HR and Organisational Development 
The role of the HR and OD service is to provide a range of professional support, advice and training for the Council’s 900 employees, managers and elected members, and to develop our organisation through our people to be the best we can be.

Leisure and Amenities
The role of the leisure and amenities section is the management and provision of a range of high quality sporting, leisure, play and recreational facilities, spaces and services that provide opportunities for residents and visitors to fulfil their desire to participate in activities of their choosing at a price they can afford.

Parks and Cemeteries
The role of the Parks and Cemeteries Service is to maintain and develop approximately 292 hectares of parks and other open spaces including cemeteries and other burial grounds within the Borough.

The main role of the Planning Unit is to consider planning applications made to the Council as the local planning authority and decide whether or not they should be approved.

The role of the Regeneration unit is to work with strategic partners in the ongoing process of investment, revitalisation and the renewal of both the urban and rural areas of the Borough.

Regulatory Services
Regulatory Services (previously the Building Control, Licensing, and Neighbourhood Environment Team) aims to deliver an efficient, effective and customer focussed regulatory service to the residents, businesses and visitors to the Borough helping promote a clean, green, healthy, safe and sustainable environment.

Strategic Capital Development
The role of the Capital Projects Unit is to support Council services and add value to them. This is done by providing support and insight to our clients and by having effective governance arrangements in place to aid compliance and enable and support directorates to deliver the capital portfolio of the Council.

Strategic Transformation and Performance
The role of the Strategic Transformation and Performance unit is to provide corporate support to all Council services on relevant projects, performance improvement and innovation, procurement and business technology.

The role of the Tourism Service is to facilitate, sustainably grow and promote the tourism offering within the Borough to increase the overall NI visitor market share and economic return to the Borough.

Waste and Cleansing Services
The role of Cleansing and Waste Management Services Department is to deliver a range of frontline operational services including waste collection, street cleaning, waste disposal, recycling and other cleaning services throughout the borough.