Improvement Plan

The Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014 Part 12 sets out a General Duty of Improvement in that, “a Council must make arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the exercise of its functions”.  A Council must have regard in particular to improve the exercise of its function in terms of: strategic effectiveness; service quality; service availability; fairness; sustainability; efficiency; and innovation. 

The legislation also sets out that for each financial year, a Council must set itself and work to achieve ‘improvement objectives’ relating to the areas outlined above.

The council has to publish their improvement objectives each year and assess performance against these.

The Council’s Performance Improvement Plan for 2018-19 was agreed by Full Council on 27 June 2018  and sets out the overall improvement objectives the council has for the borough and for itself as an organisation.

Performance Improvement Plans for previous years can be downloaded from the links below.