Annual Performance Report

The Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014 put in place a framework to support the continuous improvement in the delivery of Council services in the context of strategic objectives and issues that are important to those who receive the services.

Section 92 of the Act places a requirement on councils to assess and report on their performance against the previous year and to compare its performance, so far as is practicable, with the performance of other councils in the exercise of the same or similar functions.  The comparison and assessment report is to be published by 30 September immediately following the financial year to which it relates.

The purpose of the Performance Report is to review our performance in the delivery of our agreed Improvement Objectives for the previous financial year.  The intention of the report is to provide a transparent and balanced account of the Council’s position in terms of the priorities agreed in the prior year Performance Improvement Plan which align with the objectives set out in the Corporate Plan Towards 2024.

The Performance Reports can be downloaded from the links below.