Introduction to Parks

The Council manages over 290 hectares of open spaces throughout the Borough. Five of our facilities have received the Green Flag award. These are Castle Park, Londonderry Park, Kiltonga Nature Reserve, Linear Park and Ballymenock Park. The Green Flag Award is an international certification which recognises parks and open spaces with excellence levels of maintenance, facilities and community involvement.   

The Council also manages the Ards and North Down in Bloom initiative which acts to coordinate our Boroughs approach to the Translink Ulster in Bloom competition & Best Kept Awards. This initiative makes our Borough greener, cleaner and more biodiverse. 

Report an issue with one of our parks or open spaces facilities. If you’ve noticed an issue with one of our parks or open spaces, let us know by getting in touch. Telephone 0300 013 3333 or email   

Ten Park Facts...Did You Know? 

  • 91% of people believe that public parks and open spaces improve their quality of life. 
  • A brisk walk every day, in your local park, can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 50%, strokes by 50%, diabetes by 50% and cancer by 30%. 
  • Air quality, air temperature, water and flood management, are all kept within manageable limits because of parks and open spaces. 
  • The more often a person visits urban open green spaces, the less often he or she will report stress-related illnesses. 
  • Outdoor play and adventure can increase levels of physical activity and fitness, activate higher cognitive processes and healthy brain development. 
  • Elderly people who have close access to a place where they can relax and enjoy nature, show significantly greater satisfaction with where they live. 
  • The number one ranked issue for good parks and public spaces is that they give a sense of community. 
  • Owners of small companies rank recreation, parks and open spaces as the highest priority in choosing a new location for their business. 
  • Over 10% of the population choose to use their local green spaces daily. 
  • Over 50% of us visit a park at least once a week, to improve physical - and mental - health, to enhance our closest relationships, to chill out, to interact with our communities and to have a good time. 

(Ten Park Facts Source: CABE Space / The Design Council)