Ards and North Down In Bloom

‚ÄčIn Bloom Funding applications will open on Monday 4 January 2024. Please visit In Bloom Funding | Ards and North Down Borough Council for full details of criteria and application forms.

The Ards and North Down in Bloom initiative has been developed with three overlapping objectives which are: horticultural excellence, community participation and environmentally sustainable practices. These are in line with objectives of Translink Ulster in Bloom and other regional awards schemes.

The Ards and North Down in Bloom Community Competitions are coordinated by Ards and North Down Borough Council. This community competition encourages everyone who lives or works in the Borough to think about their local environment and how attractive flowers, plants, trees and gardens can enhance it. By actively supporting this competition you will not only make your garden or business more attractive but also contribute to the Borough’s entry to the Translink Ulster in Bloom Competition and other regional awards.

The Community Competition categories are:  

General Categories: 

1) Best Kept Front Garden 
2) Gardening for Wildlife Award 
3) Volunteer of The Year 
4) Best Kept Commercial Premises 
5) Best Kept Community Planting Scheme. 

Young People’s (Entrants aged 16 and under) Categories:  

6) Best School Gardening Project   
7) Painting Competition  (Download entry form from list below)
8) Tallest Sunflower Competition (Download entry form from list below)
9) Young Volunteer of The Year 


There are a wide range of local ‘in bloom’ committees, wildlife groups and other environmental improvement opportunities in the Borough, we would be happy to put you in touch with your nearest group. Telephone 0300 013 3333. 

About Ards and North Down in Bloom 

Ards and North Down in Bloom main purpose is to encourage and assist all stakeholders in the Ards and North Down area to increase their civic pride by visually enhancing the natural resources of the Borough. This involves improving the Borough for those who live and/or work in the Borough and visitors to the Borough through the implementation of four core objectives: 

  • to increase environmental responsibility 
  • to strive for horticultural excellence in public, business and residential areas 
  • to encourage community participation 
  • to support endeavours to achieve regional and national awards such as Ulster in Bloom 

In order to achieve these objectives, Ards and North Down in Bloom shall: 

  • manage and promote an annual community horticultural competition and awards ceremony  
  • provide a funding mechanism for local groups to carry out ‘In Bloom’ activities in their local areas 
  • encourage the widest participation possible in all its activities by co-operating with other organisations and individuals 
  • contribute to and encourage sustainable environmental improvements within the Borough 

A stakeholder committee coordinate this campaign with Council acting as the Committee’s secretariat. For information about In Bloom funding please visit In Bloom Funding | Ards and North Down Borough Council

For further information please contact us on Telephone 0300 013 3333 or email