Coach education courses

Coach Education Courses 2018-19

The Sports Development Section organises sports educational and training courses for coaches, volunteers and sports clubs in Ards and North Down. The 2018-2019 programme has now launched and contains twelve courses in total which will run from September 2018 through to February 2019.

Please see course information below to give you an outline and description of the courses included in this year’s programme.

To book a place on any of the courses, please download and complete the Leaflet/application form (attached below) before returning it along with your payment to confirm your place.

Payments can be made by contacting Sports Development on 0300 013 3333 – Ext 40326 and paying over the phone or by sending a cheque to Sports Development, Ards and North Down Borough Council, Londonderry Park, Portaferry Road, Newtownards, BT23 8SG, Please make Cheques payable to:  “Ards and North Down Borough Council”.

Completed forms should be returned to:

Sports Development, Londonderry Park, Portaferry Road, Newtownards, BT23 8SG or

Alternatively, payments and bookings may be made in person at the reception of Londonderrry park, Portaferry Road, Newtownards, BT23 8SG. 

Please note: -

  • Fees are non-refundable (unless the course is cancelled).
  • Places are available on a first come first served basis, and we can only guarantee your place once we have received your registration form and payment.
  • Clubs are limited to 2 places per course unless a situation arises in which courses do not sell out, then additional places may be offered.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the sports development team on 0300 013 3333 – Ext 40326 or email

Safeguarding Children & Young peopleThis workshop aims to raise awareness of Child Protection issues in sport and introduces participants to the code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport
Effective Organisational StructuresThe way a club is legally structured and its status can have a significant impact on club leaders, both on their club and them personally. Get it right and a club can be run effectively and may benefit financially. Get it wrong, and there could be significant implications for a club and potentially all its members.
Sports Injury First Aid & EpipenThe course will equip individuals with the knowledge, skills & confidence to assist and deal with sport injuries/accidents. Participants will receive a first aid manual, personal hygiene kit and St John’s Associate Insurance valid for the duration of the certificate (3yrs).
Clubmark AwarenessClubmark NI is a club development and accreditation programme for sports clubs. The programme aims to improve your clubs performance by helping it meet minimum operating standards in the areas of:- Effective Management, Quality Coaching and Competition, Safety in Sport.
Generating Club IncomeHaving a realistic and clear understanding of the likely sustainable income your club can generate is a vital ingredient of good financial management. A great way of ensuring your income is sustainable is to get it from a variety of sources including membership fees; sponsorship; fundraising; commercial partnerships; and grant funding.
AED(Defibrillator) Operators CourseThis certificated course will teach you how to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and safely use the automated external defibrillators (AED’s). You will also cover the management of choking and management of the unconscious person. You will learn not only what to do but why we do it.
Good Club GovernanceGood Governance is crucial to ensure a vibrant, well-run club uses its resources effectively for the benefit of members and the local community, allowing participants to enjoy sport. Good Governance supports growth and development while managing the risks. A well-run organisation is attractive to new members, funders and sponsors. This seminar covers the importance of Governance, Club and committee structures, Leadership and effective Board Members and Governance Framework.
Designated Safeguarding Children’s OfficersThis course provides Designated Safeguarding Officer’s further understanding to assist in their role of safeguarding children in sport. For coaches, athletes and volunteers with established credibility and authority within the club.
Sports Nutrition for PerformanceThis unique workshop in Sports Nutrition is designed to offer you the effective approach to working with your athletes to enhance their sports performance through improved and targeted approaches to nutrition. Understanding the rudiments of Sports Nutrition is essential for PT’s/Coaches and sporting individuals in order that they can achieve optimum nutrition for their clients and themselves. Topics include: Macro/Micronutrients, Hydration & Energy Systems.
Developing Speed & Agility WorkshopLearn how to develop both linear and multi-directional speed for sports performance using various training techniques, drills, equipment and cues. Mike is a world class strength & conditioning coach having worked across a variety of sports at the elite level for nearly 15 years. Including Ireland International Rugby Union Team, Top GAA & Soccer and World Champion Boxers.