Personal Water Craft (Jet Skis)

Have a plan and know your limits when using a Personal Water Craft (jet ski) in open water around the coastline. Please take responsibility for your own personal safety and behave responsibly towards wildlife, the environment and other people. 

In the event of an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. 


  • Always take a means of calling for help with you, such as a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch. This could save your life!
  • Always wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid when using personal watercraft.
  • Always wear a kill cord when using a personal watercraft
  • Essential personal kit includes: • Impact Resistant Buoyancy Aid • Wetsuit or Drysuit • Kill cord • Goggles • Whistle • Gloves • Foot Protection • Sunblock
  • Get training – knowing more about your activity will allow you to do more and go further.
  • Be aware of changing tides, especially in unfamiliar coastlines, and be vigilant for rip tides.
  • Don’t wave jump behind a boat. It’s unnerving for the boat driver and dangerous.
  • Stay clear of areas where there are swimmers and always maintain a good look out


  • Be considerate of others! Remember you are not the only one enjoying the water. Consideration for other users helps to create harmony for all
  • Observe the speed limits
  • Ensure that you have permission to launch and recover watercraft from your chosen location
  • Keep others safe by avoiding weaving in and out of anchorages at high speed. Always remember how your wake affects others.
  • Avoid damaging the foreshore by trampling, dragging equipment, or driving unnecessarily. Watch out for nesting birds!
  • Avoid sudden changes in direction and engine revving which can startle wildlife. Keep your movements steady and predictable.
  • On the sea, watercrafts should keep at least 100m away from animals. Do not chase, touch or feed wildlife. Stay no longer than 15 mins
  • After use, check, clean and dry your equipment and clothing. Help stop the spread of invasive species
  • Noise travels easily across water. Using a personal watercraft in one area for extended periods may annoy others
  • Prevent the spray of sand or gravel by avoiding rev in shallow beach areas
  • Please respect the environment and always take your litter home.

This advice can be downloaded as PDF for printing out poster and flyer versions below.