Proposed Greenway: Kinnegar to Donaghadee

At the Council meeting on 26 January 2023, a decision was made by Elected Members to withdraw* Planning Application (LA06/2020/0530/F) – the proposed Kinnegar to Donaghadee Greenway.  This means that the Planning Application will no longer be considered by the Planning Service.  

The unanimous decision was taken following a discussion of public concerns about the proposals.  Members also agreed to establish a working group to consider and explore solutions relating to accessibility, maintenance, and connectivity of the existing North Down Coastal Path.  

*Please note this decision is subject to a 5-day call-in period.

The Public Information Meetings scheduled for Wednesday 1 February at Queen’s Leisure Complex, Holywood will continue as planned. 

  • Session 1: 5.30pm-7.00pm
  • Session 2: 7.30pm-9.00pm

You are invited to attend a public information meeting to discuss the Kinnegar to Donaghadee proposed Greenway.

Monday 23 January 2023, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Donaghadee Community Centre

Tuesday 24 January 2023, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Council Chamber Town Hall, Bangor. Note, this meeting was livestreamed via YouTube: access the meeting via YouTube link 
Listen to the audio recording of this meeting on 

Wednesday 1 February 2023, 5.30pm - 7.00pm and 7.30pm - 9.00pm
Queens Leisure Complex, Holywood

Meetings will cover:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Background information on Greenways/ how the proposed coastal path fits into the overall Council’s plan for the greenway network within the Borough
  • Presentation on the findings of the Users and Residents survey which took place October/November 2022 - Read the Users and Residents Survey Report 
  • Presentation on the plan – including details of the proposed enhancements and improvement of certain sections of the route as well as the new section out to Donaghadee
  • Floor will be open for questions from members of the public in attendance


The proposed Greenway begins at Airport Road West in Kinnegar Holywood and ends at The Commons Park in Donaghadee. The route mostly follows the existing North Down Coastal Path (NDCP) from Kinnegar to Bangor and then the A2 to Donaghadee.

It features a series of enhancements to the existing path to make it fit for purpose and accessible by a wide range of users.  These include:  

  • Upgrades to/ widening along sections of the existing NDCP to 3m
  • Widening of the existing NDCP to 4m at the high traffic points of Ballyholme Promenade, Helen’s Bay Beach, Crawfordsburn Beach and Seapark, Holywood
  • A pedestrian/ cycle bridge at Royal Belfast Golf Club and across the ravine at Grey Point Fort
  • An elevated boardwalk at Grey Point Fort
  • New 4m wide greenway paths at the proposed bridges and boardwalks
  • A new 3m wide asphalt Greenway path along the north side of the A2 Bangor Road / Groomsport Bypass between the Groomsport Road roundabout and Groomsport.

59% of the existing path is not being widened.  Part of this 59% will be used as is, some will have new paths created alongside/nearby, and other parts (28%) will simply be resurfaced at the existing width (3m). 

The remaining 41% of the existing path is to be widened to 3m, and to 4m only at the bridges and boardwalk and high traffic areas as stated above.  The proposed greenway aims to enhance and extend the existing North Down Coastal path and to provide linkage between Holywood and Donaghadee. 

The majority of the path will have a maximum width of 3m, it will only be 4m at the bridges and boardwalk and high traffic points.  In many areas the path is already 3m wide. 

The route is 31.5km. 

Project Value

The development of this route represents an investment of c£7M in green infrastructure in the Borough. 

Key Benefits

  • Health and wellbeing benefits for residents.  The route runs along the edge of many residential areas in Holywood, Helens Bay, Bangor, Ballyholme, Groomsport and Donaghadee, which would have easy access to the greenway. 
  • Increased leisure use including access to Seapark, Greypoint Fort, Helens Bay and Ballyholme beaches and Crawfordsburn Country Park.  
  • Potential to contribute to domestic and out of state tourism by offering connections to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum and Pickie Fun Park.
  • Green active travel connection between the towns of Holywood, Bangor and Donaghadee, helping to support local businesses in these towns.

For other general benefits of greenways click this link BENEFITS.

Current Status

The major planning application for this scheme was submitted to the Planning Service in June 2020.  The project team are addressing queries from statutory consultees. 

To view the application, click on this link: Kinnegar Holywood to the Commons Donaghadee Greenway Planning Application  


The Department for Infrastructure (DfI)'s Strategic Plan for Greenways’ Exercise – Explore – Enjoy’, published in 2016, aims to encourage a substantial increase in the number of people walking and cycling as a regular part of everyday life through the building of a connected and accessible regional Greenway Network. 

The plan provided a framework to assist local councils to develop their own greenway schemes and provided funding for feasibility studies, one of which was for a proposed Orlock Point to Donaghadee, Newtownards and Helens Bay Greenway. 

This feasibility study was submitted to DfI and AECOM was appointed to further the design of the Greenway.  As a result of feedback during public consultation and meetings with both residents and landowners, the route was altered and split between two greenways, with this one focusing on linking Kinnegar to Donaghadee.

The Orlock Point to Donaghadee section of this original proposal is now part of the Kinnegar to Donaghadee Greenway, which follows the existing North Down Coastal Path from Kinnegar to Bangor in the most part and then the A2 to The Commons Park, Donaghadee.

Funding provided under Stage 3 of the DfI Small Grants Programme for Greenways allowed Council to develop detailed designs and fully worked up project proposals in preparation for future construction

In accordance with legislative requirements, Council commissioned a Pre-Application Community Consultation Report (PACC) to ensure that communities were made aware of, and had an opportunity to comment on, development proposals before the planning application was submitted.

A comprehensive PACC strategy was developed for the proposed greenway, which was proportionate to its scale and complexity and a public consultation event and supplementary consultation, and publicity methods undertaken over a 12-week period, starting in March 2018.

The PACC Report was submitted with a planning application for the Kinnegar to Donaghadee Greenway in June 2020.

Planning Ref: LA06/2020/0530/F

To view the application click on this link:  Kinnegar to Donaghadee Greenway Planning Application