Help to navigate the planning portal - Proposed Kinnegar to Donaghadee Route

In a scheme of the scale of the proposed greenway from Kinnegar to Donaghadee, numerous maps and plans are prepared and submitted to the Planning Service for assessment.

These documents are uploaded to the Northern Ireland Planning Portal for interested parties to view.

The Portal is managed by the Department for Infrastructure, not the Council, however, guidance is available on how to use the Portal here: Planning Portal user access guide.  

We understand that some people have found it hard to identify the drawing that relates to the part of the greenway route that they are interested in.  To help with this we have produced a map (available to download below) that shows the number of the drawing on the Planning Portal that is about each section of the route.  Please follow the steps below and this should assist you to navigate to the information on the Planning Portal that you need more easily.  

  1. First check the map (available to download below) to find the area(s) of the route you are intersted in.  Make a note of the drawing ref number(s) listed.
  2. Then go to the Planning Portal using this link or by searching from the home page for application reference LA06/2020/0530/F
  3. Click on the 'Documents' tab
  4. Click on 'View Associated Documents'.  
  5. All associated documents are listed - you should click on 'Plans, Maps, Drawings'
  6. Look for the relevant numbered drawing that corresponds to the overview map on the website