Ards and North Down Grants Appeals Process

Ards and North Down Borough Council offers a range of financial support for applicants of competitive grants schemes.  The Council grants schemes are application led and only those which demonstrate that they meet the required criteria will be awarded funding.  The Council will ensure all grants are awarded following a robust, fair and consistent assessment process.

On occasion applicants may not be successful in securing grants.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a grant application process the Council has in place a two stage grants appeals procedure to deal with complaints from unsuccessful applicants.

The Council’s grants appeals procedure explains the different stages in requesting an appeal and what to do if you are not satisfied with the Council’s response. 

How to request a grant appeal

You can submit a grant appeal request in person, in writing, online or by telephone to the responsible officer. 

How the Council deals with grants appeals

The Council will investigate your request for a grants appeal.  Depending on your grounds for appeal the responsible council officer will contact you, in the first instance, to offer feedback on your application and resulting grant assessment.  Applicants can then request a formal appeal and this procedure explains the process and how long it may take to consider your appeal.