Coronavirus (COVID-19) Complaints

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Complaints dealt with by the Council 

If you have a concern or want to make a complaint about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in relation to premises such as offices, shops, take away food outlets, supermarkets, petrol stations, childcare facilities, leisure facilities, residential homes or wholesale & retail warehouses; please contact us using the e-mail address: 

Please note that during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic staff will be working away from the office. During this difficult time, we will work to maintain our services but this may not be at normal levels. Complaints will be received between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday and we will respond within the next 2 working days where possible. 

Coronavirus complaints dealt with by the Health and Safety Executive, HSENI 

Complaints regarding lack of coronavirus controls in relation to factories, farms, building sites, mines, schools and colleges, fairgrounds, gas, electricity and water systems, hospitals and nursing homes, central and local government premises or offshore installations should be referred to the HSENI by e-mail: or using the link or by using the link: Complaints about unsafe and unhealthy work activities | Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland (