Caravan Sites

The Health and Safety Team is responsible for the licensing and inspection of caravan, camping sites and motorhomes throughout the Borough. There are currently 26 licensed holiday and residential sites across the Ards and North Down Borough.


Park Operators can expect to receive an annual inspection to assess compliance with the conditions of the licence detailed in The Caravans Act (Northern Ireland) 1963. This will include the checking of separation distances, numbers of units, structures adjoining caravans, the provision and maintenance of fire points and measures aimed at reducing the risk of fire and subsequent spread in addition to amenity provision.

Additionally, the health and safety officer will carry out a health and safety inspection to determine the risks exposed to all users of the park and determine the measures required to control such risks, such as the maintenance of electrical and gas installations and any other relevant maintenance records. Failure to comply with site licence conditions or a breach of health and safety legislation may result in formal action being taken against the park operator.

Rights of Caravan Users

The Caravans Act (NI) 2011 introduces rights of persons with dealings with the site owner, who either live in a caravan as their main home or those who rent caravan pitches for more than 28 days. This Act sets out the content of the written agreement between the caravan owner and park operator.

Further advice can be obtained from The Trading Standards Service or 

The Council can deal with issues of harassment or illegal eviction under the legislation. 

Keeping us informed

You should notify us immediately in the event of any changes which may affect the validity of the site licence in order that the licence may be changed accordingly. These changes may include new planning consents which alter unit types or numbers or other material alterations to the site layout i.e. new verandas, re-siting of vans, transfer of ownership etc

For further information please contact Environmental Health on 0300 013 3333.