What to do in an emergency

If there is an emergency, remember to:

  • Stay calm, reassure others and think before acting
  • Don't put yourself or others in danger
  • If people are injured or there is a threat to life call 999
  • Follow the advice of the emergency services

 You should know how to turn off water, electricity and gas supplies and where these connection feeds are in your home.

Have an emergency kit ready

Should you experience an emergency it is important that you and your family or housemates have made preparations to take care of yourselves. Putting together an emergency kit is one such way to get prepared. 

Below are just some of the items and details that you might wish to include in the emergency kit. This should be kept somewhere in the house where everyone can get to it if needed.

  • list of useful phone numbers – your doctor, close relatives, local council
  • battery  or wind up radio
  • battery or wind up torch
  • spare batteries
  • candles and matches
  • first aid kit
  • spare keys to your home and car
  • spare pair of glasses or contact lenses
  • spare charger for mobile phone
  • toiletries and sanitary supplies
  • special equipment for children and people with special needs

Other essential items

If you are at home and an emergency happens, try to gather some essential items before you leave your property. To make this easier to do you should always keep such items in the same place within the home. This can include:

  • any regularly prescribed medication
  • mobile phone 
  • cash and credit cards
  • spare clothes and blankets
  • bottled water
  • ready-to-eat food - for example tinned food
  • bottle or tin opener
  • copies of important documents - birth certificates, insurance policies
  • photographic identification

Useful emergency contact numbers: print these out and keep in case of an emergency

  • Police, fire and ambulance services 999 (101 for non-emergencies)
  • Northern Ireland Housing Executive 03448 920 901
  • Northern Ireland Electricity 08457 643 643
  • NI Gas Emergency Service 0800 002 001
  • Northern Ireland Water Waterline 03457 440 088
  • Flooding Incident Line 0300 2000 100