WARM Welcome Here Campaign

 Find a WARM Welcome Here this Winter 

The rising cost of heating your home and electricity is making it difficult to keep warm. Ards and North Down’s Community Support Steering Group has developed a WARM welcome here campaign to promote Warm spaces including libraries, museums, churches, community premises or other spaces with free or low-cost activities that you can go to throughout the week to keep warm and connect with others over the winter months. 

Organisations have been registering their spaces and we have collated this information in the Warm Spaces document linked at the bottom of this page.  Please use the document to locate your local WARM welcome space.  

Are you an organisation with a Warm Welcome Space? 

If you are an organisation who would like to register your space, please complete the registration form by clicking on the link:  WARMwelcomespace - Ards and North Down Borough Council - Citizen Space

The Warm Spaces document will be updated on a weekly basis.  If you have registered as a Warm Welcome Space, please click on the graphics below and use these to promote your space on your advertising material, social media, notice boards etc.  

Please note: every effort has been made to accurately transfer the information provided by organisations with WARM spaces. If we have made a mistake or circumstances have changed, please e-mail communityplanning@ardsandnorthdown.gov.uk and we will update the WARM Spaces in Ards and North Down document.  

Organisations who have a warm space are encouraged to advertise using the Warm Welcome heart graphic. This is available in both Jpeg and PNG format and can be used on your advertising or within your premises. It can be downloaded from the list below. Organisations can choose to use the campaign graphic, the Warm Welcome heart graphic or both.

If you have your own branding for your warm space, you may wish to use the strap lines ‘stay warm and connect this winter’ and/or ‘find a warm welcome here this winter’.

Promotional graphic for the WArm Welcome Here campaign showing cartoon style figures in a library and in a coffee shop.