Children and Young People

Projects focusing on enhancing the capacity of children and young people to form positive and effective relationships with others of a different background and to make a positive contribution to building a cohesive society. 

  • A Capacity Building and Youth Leadership Project 

Two men and a woman holding posters to promote the PEACE IV Capacity Building and Youth Leadership project. They are standing in front of a colourful mural.

The project will work with young people aged 12-24 years to enable them to become active citizens to contribute to a more shared society through a targeted programme of activities including participation in local youth forums, workshops and a cross border residential. 
Further information: NI Youth Forum | 028 9033 1990

  • The creation of a number of Youth Shelters 

The project will involve a cross community youth participatory and design process, with at least 10 young people per area, to design, develop and install four youth shelters for children and young people. The project will link closely with the Capacity Building and Youth Leadership Programme for Peace Building by involving young people in a consultative process to identify appropriate safe spaces to locate the shelters for young people “to hang out” and where support can be provided by youth outreach services and Council officers.
Further information: PEACE IV Team | 0300 013 3333

  • A Primary School (Out of Hours) Active Diversity Project

Mayor of Ards and North Down promoting PEACE IV initiative - the Primary School (Out of Hours) Active Diversity Project. The Mayor is pictured with council and project representatives. They are standing behind an oversized outdoor version of the game Connect 4. There are two children in the front of the picture.

The project will create opportunities for young people to take part in mass participation events such as multi skills sports festivals. The focus will be learning about the diversity of others and developing children’s physical, literacy, skills for sport and communication skills. 
Further information: Todds Leap | 028 8556 7170

  • A Cross Community Sports and Good Relations Project 

The project will develop young people’s skills through sport, including non-traditional sports where social, communication and listening skills will be developed in a fun and safe environment. The programme will build friendships and promote diversity and good relations. 
Further information: Todds Leap  | 028 8556 7170

  • Children and Young People Diversity Project

The programme will deliver a cross community diversity programme primarily for uniformed youth organisations along with training for youth leaders. It will look at good relations, diversity, cultures, and faiths and involve facilitated workshops and related site visits.  The programme will culminate in a finale jamboree linking all the groups together.

For more information on how to get involved please contact the PEACE IV Team:

Email: | Phone: 0300 013 3333  Ext 40102 

Write to us:

Ards and North Down Borough Council
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