Building Positive Relations

Projects focusing on the theme of promoting positive relations characterised by respect, and where cultural diversity is celebrated and people can live, learn and socialise together, free from prejudice, hate and intolerance.

  • An Intercultural Theatre Project ‘ANDdream’

Andrea from Terra Nova productions with local councillors in front of Ards Arts Centre, holding sunflowers and a promotional board saying #ANDdream

The programme will work with Black and Minority Ethnic communities, community groups, youth groups, schools and special interest groups across the borough, enabling different cultures and classes to interact through the mediums of music, dance and theatre through a series of workshops aimed at building a greater awareness of cultural diversity, understanding and cohesion between communities. 
This project is now complete

  • “Art at the Heart, (of the Peninsula)” 

The project will involve communities from villages along the Ards Peninsula, to include people from Middle Eastern European Countries, primarily Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the local Jewish community. Participants will explore the Peninsulas diverse culture and heritage by building arts, crafts and communication skills through local, regional and cross border activities.                                                                                                                            Further information: The Institute for Conflict Research  | 028 9074 2682

  • A Genealogy and Storytelling Project ‘LIFE’

This will offer participants research into their family history and provide participants with a sense of identity and belonging. There will be opportunity to remember the past, while addressing the differences and divisions within our society that continues to cause tension. This will culminate in four drama productions. 
Further information: Kilcooley Women’s Centre and | 028 9147 8292 

  • A Celebration of our Minority Communities

Representatives from Ards and North Down Council with representatives from local minority communities in North Down Museum​ 

This project will work with local communities, schools and BME communities such as the Chinese, Korean and Japanese communities to collectively research and interpret the history, heritage and local cultural significance of Chinese, Korean and Japanese artefacts, which have been bequeathed to the Council’s North Down Museum. There will be an exhibition launch at a multi-cultural festival for the whole of the Ards and North Down community where the project will be showcased. 
Further information: The Nerve Centre | 028 9064 4333 ext: 222

  • The “GIFTED” Capacity Building and Development Project 

The project will provide a menu of accredited, community based training programmes designed to support personal development, soft pathways to employment and further education primarily in areas of educational disadvantage. 
Further information: Kilcooley Women’s Centre and  | 028 9147 8292 

  • A Connecting Communities Programme 

This project will engage villages across the Borough to jointly explore their shared maritime history and the effects of emigration and immigration through cross community and cross border visits. The programme will work with local communities, historical societies, schools and special interest groups to produce an archive of oral and visual histories of local people’s experiences for future generations. 
Further information: Copius Consulting | 028 9590 2850 

  • The Open Dialogue Programme

This programme will engage with hard to reach groups from across 4 target villages and towns, providing independent facilitation, mediation and training to address sensitive post conflict issues. The project has been designed to enable dialogue around sensitive issues including flags and murals. The project aims to build the capacity of groups and representatives and explore cultural expression through building on existing agreements and protocols developed over the last few years with local communities. 
Further information: NI Alternatives | 028 9185 7812

  • Musical Traditions Programme

The programme will involve bands and musicians from the following groups flute/pipe, silver and accordion bands along with Ulster Scots and Traditional Irish musicians. The project will research the history and traditions of the bands/musicians and will capture an oral history through recordings, videos and interactive electronics. The project will also involve the production of collaborative music, an information booklet and mobile exhibition. This will culminate in the composition of a suite of musical pieces and performance events.

"Wee Green and the Blue Belle" is the first of a production series done during Covid 19 restrictions, engaging a range of musicians from across the Ards and North Down area. So far the project has brought together nearly 70 musicians and dancers from 11 different organisations. Watch the video, launched August 2020, on Youtube at

Further information: Blu Zebra  | 028 9066 7772 or 078 7961 2133

  • Cross Border Intercultural Puppetry Programme

The programme will work with local schools, youth groups, community and community arts groups and individuals on a cross border basis, to explore the history, heritage and diverse culture of the Ards and North Down area and the Louth area through puppetry.  The project will be structured to ensure younger age groups are involved in the making of puppets and receive educational/cultural demonstrations using puppets from all over the world including string puppets from India and Cuba, shadow puppets from China with a view to exploring our own culture and the cultures of others.                                                                              Further information: Blu Zebra  | 028 9066 7772 or 078 7961 2133

  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity 

The project will offer a series of workshops aimed at strengthening networks which will be interspersed with site visits primarily to Christian, Muslim and Jewish places of worship on a local and cross border basis. A visit will also take place to the Chester Beatty Museum and Irish Jewish Museum in Dublin and the project will develop a publication on its work and site visits.  

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