PEACE IV Programme

A project supported by the European Union's Peace IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programme Body

The PEACE IV Programme
The PEACE IV Programme is a unique cross-border initiative, financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB). It has been designed to support peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland aiming to build upon the experience of previous programmes by tackling the remaining challenges that exist in building positive relationships and developing shared spaces.

Ards and North Down Borough Council will be responsible for the delivery of a ‘PEACE Action Plan’ focused on three key areas: ‘Children and Young People’; ‘Shared Spaces and Services’ and ‘Building Positive Relations’.

The support will be used in the delivery of local community initiatives for children and young people involving sports, arts, culture and language. It will help make public space in cities, towns and villages more inclusive and facilitate programmes for shared space.  The funding will also be used to;

  • build positive relations between communities
  • deliver conflict resolution activities
  • promote cross border working

Download the PEACE IV PLAN 2014 - 2020 pdf.

Ards and North Down Borough Council is delighted to announce £3.3m of funding has been secured from the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme. The funding will be used for the delivery of the PEACE IV Action Plan, which includes 17 projects which aim to support peace and reconciliation  across the Borough.

Below are summaries of the first eleven projects and contacts details for the voluntary organisations who have been appointed to deliver the projects:

  • Cross Border Intercultural Puppetry Programme

The programme will work with local schools, youth groups, community and community arts groups and individuals on a cross border basis, to explore the history, heritage and diverse culture of the Ards and North Down area and the Louth area through puppetry.  The project will be structured to ensure younger age groups are involved in the making of puppets and receive educational/cultural demonstrations using puppets from all over the world including string puppets from India and Cuba, shadow puppets from China with a view to exploring our own culture and the cultures of others.

Blu Zebra: (028) 90667772 / 07879612133

  • Musical Traditions Programme

The programme will involve bands and musicians from the following groups flute/pipe, silver and accordion bands along with Ulster Scots and Traditional Irish musicians. The project will research the history and traditions of the bands/musicians and will capture an oral history through recordings, videos and interactive electronics. The project will also involve the production of collaborative music, an information booklet and mobile exhibition. This will culminate in the composition of a suite of musical pieces and performance events.

 Blu Zebra: (028) 90667772 / 07879612133

  • An Intercultural Theatre Programme

This programme will be delivered in 8 areas where the visible manifestations of the conflict are most pronounced enabling different cultures and classes to interact through the mediums of music, dance and theatre. The programme is aimed at building a greater awareness of cultural diversity, understanding and cohesion between communities.

Terra Nova Productions:  07958 916 984 or 028 9543 0560

  • A Celebration of Our Minority Communities Programme

The project will offer workshops and sessions to interpret and explore the history, heritage and local cultural significance of Chinese, Korean and Japanese artefacts through exhibitions and an interactive display. The exhibition will be launched at a multi-cultural festival for the whole of the Ards and North Down community where the project will be showcased.

The Nerve Centre: 028 7126 0562

  • A Connecting Communities Programme

 The project will engage villages to jointly explore their shared maritime history through cross community and cross border workshops. The project will involve the development of an innovative interactive display and app to tell the oral and visual story of the shared history and heritage of the villages and harbours involved.

Copius Consulting: 028 9590 2850  

  • A Genealogy and Story Telling Programme

The programme will offer participants research into their family history and provide participants with a sense of identity and belonging. This Project will enable communities to deal with the past.  Individual stories will be captured through a series of workshops and conversations in safe spaces resulting in 4 drama productions

Kilcooley Womens Centre: and 028 914 7 8292

  • A Personal Development and Training Programme

The Programme will provide a menu of accredited, community based training programmes designed to support personal development, soft pathways to employment and further education primarily in areas of educational disadvantage.

Kilcooley Womens Centre:  and 028 914 7 8292

  • A Community Based Arts Programme 

The Programme will involve communities from villages along the Ards Peninsula, to include people from Middle Eastern European Countries, primarily Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the local Jewish community. The programme will explore the Peninsulas diverse culture and heritage by building arts, crafts and communication skills through local, regional and cross border activities. 

The Institute for Conflict Research: 028 9074 2682

  • A Capacity Building and Youth Leadership Programme  

The Programme will work with young people aged 12-24 years to enable them to become active citizens to contribute to a more shared society through a targeted programme of activities including participation in local youth forums, workshops and a cross border residential.

NI Youth Forum: 028 9033 1990 

A Primary School (Out of Hours) Active Diversity Programme 

The Programme will create opportunities for young people to take part in mass participation events such as multi skills sports festivals. The focus will be learning about the diversity of others and developing children’s physical, literacy, skills for sport and communication skills.

Todds Leap: 028 8556 7170

  • A Cross community Sports and Good Relations Programme  

The Programme will develop young people’s skills through sport, including non-traditional sports where social, communication and listening skills will be developed in a fun and safe environment. The programme will build friendships and promote diversity and good relations.

Todds Leap: 028 8556 7170






For more information on how to get involved please contact the PEACE IV Team by emailing  Alternatively you can contact us on 0300 013 3333  Ext 40102 or write to us at:

Ards and North Down Borough Council
2 Church Street
BT23 4AP



Shared Spaces and Services

Ards and North Down Borough Council PEACE IV Partnership is delivering a Shared Spaces and Services project that will transform and create shared spaces in Comber, Holywood, Portaferry and Portavogie.

The shared spaces will connect people with a focus on improving the health and well-being of their communities. The plans include the development of informal recreation and leisure facilities.

The spaces will be transformed through dialogue, connecting workshops around horticulture, biodiversity, leisure and sports with communities across the areas, leading to the creation of welcoming consensual spaces and a more cohesive and connected society. Programmes of participative activities will accompany the project to ensure connections between people through common interests and the environment.



PEACE IV Partnership
The delivery of the Ards and North Down PEACE IV Action Plan will be managed by a local PEACE IV Partnership.  Find out more here.  

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