Supporting confidence in Policing

The PCSP works with the PSNI to support a number of activities which promote confidence in policing and the rule of law. These activities include:

  • The ASB Forum: Monthly meetings involving the NIHE, Housing Associations, Council Environmental Health, Police, PCSP and other statutory agencies to address ASB concerns in the Borough  
  • The District Support Hub: Launched in November 2019 the Support Hub brings together statutory agencies including the Fire and Rescue Service, Probation Board Youth Justice Agency, Education Authority, Ambulance Service and South Eastern Health Trust to strategically support cases and individuals within the community.
  • Fortnightly Meetings between Police, the Councils Community Safety Team, and the Voluntary Street Wardens to discuss ASB and deployment priorities.
  • The PCSP committee hold quarterly monitoring sub-group meetings to help PCSP members monitor police performance against the Local Policing Plan.  
  • PCSP support a small grants programme to support PSNI led initiatives to engage with the local community, youth groups and schools.