Policing and Community Safety Partnership

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Ards and North Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) aims to make our neighbourhoods safer.  We do this by focusing on the policing and community safety issues that matter most to you. In order to achieve this we: ​

  • consult and engage with the local community on the issues of concern in relation to policing and community safety. Your view helps us direct and prioritise police resources.
  • identify and prioritise the particular issues of concern and prepare plans for how these can be tackled.
  • monitor  the performance of the police to ensure local policing is both effective and responsive to local need.
  • deliver a reduction in crime and enhance community safety in our district, directly through our own interventions, through the work of our delivery groups and through support for the work of others.

PCSP members 

The members include:

  • people representing local communities and groups
  • councillors in Ards and North Down

PCSP members

Online safety

Online and mobile technology has transformed how people work and communicate in business, education and social settings. However, we all need to be careful in all our online exchanges, particularly children and young people who might not understand the risks in sharing their personal information online with friends or strangers.

Ards and North Down PCSP provides tips to help parents and carers keep children safe online:

  • have the conversation early and often
  • explore online together 
  • know who your child is talking to online
  • set rules and agree boundaries 
  • make sure that content is age-appropriate
  • use parental controls to filter, restrict, monitor or report content
  • check they know how to use privacy settings and reporting tools

Text Alert Scheme

A key challenge facing Ards and North Down Policing & Community Partnership and local police is how we engage and communicate better with the communities we serve. Ards and North Down PCSP and the PSNI have listened to the concerns of the community particularly in our rural areas and they have told us that we needed to address how we communicate information to them.

Not all citizens have access to or are comfortable with social networking platforms which many statutory, voluntary and community organisations now use to deliver key messages and information to their members. Ards and North Down PCSP in conjunction with their colleagues in the PSNI has developed a text alert system which will allow them to communicate directly with the citizens of Ards and North Down Council who sign up for the scheme by SMS text message almost immediately if there is an issue in their area.

What is Text Alert used for?

Members of the Text Alert Scheme will receive a SMS message to their mobile phone with relevant community safety information in their area. Text Alert can be used to remind members of dangerous road conditions, suspicious vehicles and ongoing crime issues in the registered users particular area.

Registered users will only receive a text message from the PCSP or the PSNI. Your mobile number will not be shared with any other external body or organisation. Your information will be held securely by a named data controller from PCSP.

Register online here  or complete and return the registration leaflet which can be downloaded here

Completed registration forms can be returned to:

PCSP Office
Ards and North Down Borough Council,
Town Hall,
The Castle,
BT20 4BT.

Safety around quarries

Even on a hot summer day, the water lying in  a quarry is very cold. On the surface, quiet, calm water might seem inviting however, dive into water at a quarry and you could experience cold shock in under two minutes, encounter deep water or hidden currents or become impaled on a car wreck or abandoned machinery.

Ards and North Down PCSP warns people about the dangers of swimming in water at disused or active quarries. If you see someone in danger in quarry water, dial 999 immediately.  If there is a lifebuoy throw this to them. Don't enter the water to try and rescue them, wait for emergency help.   

PCSP supports the "Stay Safe Stay Out of Quarries" campaign. 

Stay Safe Stay Out of Quarries

Stay Safe Stay Out of Quarries poster