Neighbourhood Renewal

Neighbourhood Renewal is the Government’s policy to address urban regeneration and focuses on areas that fall within the worst 10% in terms of multiple deprivation. The Department for Communities (formerly DSD) is the primary driver of the policy but it seeks to involve the co-operation of all government departments.  

The programme focuses on four interlinking strategic objectives - economic, physical, community and social renewal.  

Kilcooley, also known as Bangor Neighbourhood Renewal Area (Bangor NRA) currently falls within the top 20-30% range of the most deprived areas in Northern Ireland as measured by the Multiple Deprivation Measure (NIMDM).  Bangor NRA covers the whole of the Kilcooley and Fern Grove estate and takes in part of the Dufferin, Clandeboye 1 and Clandeboye 3 Super Output Areas.  The third largest estate in Northern Ireland, Kilcooley currently has a population of 2,741 .

To tackle deprivation in an integrated way, Neighbourhood Renewal depends on a partnership approach and is overseen by a local Partnership of members from the statutory and community/voluntary sectors. The Kilcooley Neighbourhood Partnership (KNP) was established in 2004/05 and is a non-constituted advisory partnership to The Department for Communities (DfC) on issues in the designated Bangor NRA. The KNP meets on a six weekly basis and minutes of meetings are available below.

The overall aim of the KNP is to engage in effective working partnerships with key stakeholders from all relevant sectors to pro-actively deliver priorities detailed in the Kilcooley Vision and Action Plan to improve the well-being and quality of life for residents

The first Kilcooley Vision and Action Plan (2007-2010) was completed in 2006 and outlines the following vision for Kilcooley: 

Kilcooley will become an attractive, safe and prosperous estate where the residents enjoy healthy active lifestyles.

The Plan is reviewed and updated annually.  The latest Kilcooley Vision and Action Plan (2022-2023) can be downloaded below and sets out the strategic vision and development objectives for the area and the community.