Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance| Individuals may be eligible for this if they are of State Pension age or over and need help with personal care because they have a physical or mental disability. Disability and Carers Service administers the Attendance Allowance. |Tel: 0800 587 0912| Textphone Number: 0800 012 1574   
For more information on eligibility, how to claim and how to access application form visit| Attendance Allowance | nidirect

Bereavement Service and Benefits / Bereavement Support Payment|

Bereavement Service and Benefits| Is the single point of contact for reporting a death and helps with all enquiries about the payment of bereavement benefits people may be entitled to. |Tel: 0800 085 2463| Bereavement Service | nidirect

Bereavement Support Payment| People may be able to get financial help to deal with the more immediate costs caused by the death of a spouse or civil partner. For more information visit| Bereavement Support Payment | nidirect

Carer’s Allowance

Carer’s Allowance| Individuals aged 16 or over and who spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone who is ill or has a disability, may be eligible for Carer’s Allowance. Disability and Carers Service administers the Carer’s Allowance.| Tel: 0800 587 0912| Textphone Number: 0800 012 1574 | visit Carer's Allowance | nidirect

Housing Benefit and Rate Relief for Homeowners

Housing Benefit and Rate Relief for Homeowners| Homeowners who are pensioners can apply for Housing Benefit and Rate Relief to help pay all or some of their rates.

You can contact Land & Property Services for an application form using the Housing Benefit helpline| Tel: 0300 200 7802| Text Relay: 18001 0300 200 7802 | visit Apply for Housing Benefit and Rate Relief as a homeowner | nidirect or to apply online |

Home Benefit and Rate Relief for Tenants

Home Benefit and Rate Relief for Tenants| If you rent your home and have a low income, you might be entitled to Housing Benefit, Rate Relief or both. Housing Benefit can help pay the rent and rates on your home. Rate Relief is help to pay your rates.

To claim, apply to the Housing Executive. For online application or to download the form | The Housing Executive - Making a claim for Housing Benefit ( or alternatively you can phone Housing Benefit on| Tel: 03448 920 902| Textphone Number: 18001 03448 920 902| and ask for a form.

If you are a tenant, you can get more information| The Housing Executive - Housing Benefit (

Lone Pensioner Allowance

Lone Pensioner Allowance| Ratepayers aged 70 or over who live alone may be entitled to 20 per cent discount on their rates. Tenants and homeowners are eligible for Lone Pensioner Allowance (LPA).  If you are a tenant, you should apply to Northern Ireland Housing Executive. 

Homeowners can apply directly to Land & Property Services. 

  • Tel: 0300 200 7801 
  • Textphone Number: 18001 0300 200 7801 
Make the Call - Government Helpline

Make the Call| Individuals can use the free government helpline, to check if they are eligible for any benefit, services and support. |Tel: 0800 232 1271| Unclaimed benefits? Make the call | nidirect

Pension Credit

Pension Credit| gives extra money to help individuals with their living costs if they are over State Pension age and on a low income. Individuals can also be eligible even if they have a pension, savings or own their own home.| Pension Credit | nidirect

Application Line| Tel: 0808 100 6165 |Textphone Number: 0808 100 2198  

To check eligibility| Tel: 0800 587 0892 or you can use the Pension Credit online calculator at Get a Pension Credit estimate | nidirect

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)| Has replaced Disability Living Allowance for people between 16 and State Pension age and can help towards some of the extra living costs arising from having a long-term physical or mental health condition or disability that is expected to last for 12 months or longer.

For new claims| Tel: 0800 012 1573| Textphone number: 0800 587 0937 

For existing claims and enquiries| Tel: 0800 587 0932| Textphone Number: 0800 587 0937 | Personal Independence Payment (PIP) | nidirect

State Pension

State Pension| Is a regular payment from the Government based on National Insurance Contribution and is paid when you reach state penison age.  

You can contact the Northern Ireland Pension Centre with general enquiries, report changes on your circumstances and to make a claim. Visit State Pension | nidirect

Claim Line Tel: 0808 100 2658  

TV Licence

TV Licence| From 1 August 2020, anyone aged 75 or over receiving Pension Credit, is eligible for a free TV Licence, paid for by the BBC. You can get a free TV licence if you’re 75 or older and you either: 

  • get Pension Credit 
  • live with your partner who gets Pension Credit 

The licence covers everyone living at your address. You can apply when you’re 74 if you already get Pension Credit. You’ll still need to pay for your licence until the end of the month before your 75th birthday. After that you’ll be covered by your free licence. If you think you’re eligible for a free licence but don’t currently have a TV Licence, call| Tel: 0300 790 6117 or visit TV Licence - TV Licensing ™

If you don’t have Pension Credit but think you may be eligible, you can find out more at Pension Credit | nidirect or call the Northern Ireland Pension Centre on| Tel:  0808 100 6165 

Universal Credit

Universal Credit| Is a payment for people over 18 but under State Pension age who are on a low income or out of work. People who are too ill to work may also be eligible. | Tel: 0800 012 1331| Textphone: 0800 012 1441  or visit  Universal Credit | nidirect

Winter Fuel Payment

Winter Fuel Payment| Individuals born on or before 26 September 1955 could get between £100 and £300 to help pay their heating bills. Individuals usually get this automatically if they are eligible and get State Pension or another social security benefit (not Housing Benefit, Child Benefit or Universal Credit).

If you are eligible but don’t get paid automatically, you will need to make a claim. For more information visit Winter Fuel Payment | nidirect

You can contact the Winter Fuel Payment Centre if you are eligible to receive Winter Fuel Payment for the first time. |Tel: 0800 731 0160 |Textphone: 0800 731 0176 (deaf or hearing-impaired callers)