Our Big Priorities

Much has happened since the publication of Ards and North Down’s first Community Plan five years ago.  Prior to the pandemic a review of the Big Plan and its action plans was underway. Many of the priorities identified pre-pandemic such as poverty, mental health, social isolation, and skills shortages were highlighted as some of the most pressing issues during the pandemic.  

The content of the Big Plan is still relevant, and its five outcomes remain the same, but they are now supported by 10 priority issues with more focused workstreams. Greater emphasis has been given to issues where partnership actions can add value and cannot be viewed as ‘business as usual’ activities.  

After a review of the Big Plan, including looking at the statistical baseline as well as the responses received from the Big Conversation Panel, a list of 10 priorities were agreed by the Strategic Community Planning Partnership.  

Our Big Priorities are: 

  • Participation 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Emotional wellbeing 
  • Health equity 
  • Welcoming to everyone 
  • Vulnerable people 
  • Better jobs and skills 
  • Economic inequalities 
  • Sustainability  
  • Valuing our environment 

Please see Our Big Priorities document below for more information on our 10 Big Priorities and the workstream groups that are involved in contributing to the outcomes and over all ambition of the Big Plan for Ards and North Down.