Implementing the Big Plan

The outcomes and aspirations of the Big Plan are supported by practical resources developed by Community Planning Partners.

The Big Plan for Ards and North Down is very aspirational and to help achieve the outcomes within it, the Community Planning Partnership has identified ten priorities to focus on. These priorities have been identified following a review of the Big Plan and its associated action plans.

Priorities are based on the benefits gained from partners working together, where we will have more chance of success if partners work together rather than independently. Lots of the activities (and normal functions) undertaken by community planning partners by themselves contribute towards our Big Plan outcomes. It is therefore important that the Big Plan priorities demonstrate the added value of working in partnership.

Our ten Big Plan priorities are:

  1. Resilience, democracy and empowerment
  2. Infrastructure and the public estate
  3. Emotional health and wellbeing
  4. Whole system approach to obesity
  5. A welcoming place for everyone
  6. Vulnerable people
  7. Better jobs and skills
  8. Economic inequalities (poverty)
  9. Sustainability
  10. Valuing our environment

 Resources developed by these group can be accessed below.

 *The Moved by Nature Calendar has been developed by our Outdoor Learning Group (under priority 10) and cuts across other priorities such as emotional health and wellbeing. This interactive calendar will hopefully provide you with some inspiration on things to do and places to explore.  The calendar has lots of links to other resources guiding you through each month and helping you to connect with nature and the world around you. 

The calendar can be printed but it is better viewed on a digital device to access the digital content. We hope you enjoy!

 The link for the Moved by Nature Calendar :