Paying parking fines

To help fulfill our parking responsibilities we have an arrangement with the Department for Regional Development (DRD). On-the-ground enforcement is provided by DRD's contractor, NSL Services Group (NSL). NSL employs traffic attendants to patrol car parks and take enforcement action against vehicles found to be parked in contravention of the restrictions - this will be in the form of issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). DRD processes PCNs and deals with all representations on the council's behalf.

The full cost of a PCN is £90. If you pay the notice within 14 days of receiving it, the penalty is reduced to £45.

Examples of contraventions to parking restrictions include:

  • parking without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket
  • parking for longer than the paid time
  • not parking wholly within the markings of the bay/space
  • parking in a disabled person's parking space without clearly displaying a valid disabled person's badge
  • parking in an electric vehicle's charging place during operating hours without charging your vehicle