Street naming and postal numbering

The Council allocates postal numbers to houses and buildings and names new roads or streets in Ards and North Down. Building Control service carries out this work. Every effort is made to include developers in the process by inviting the applicant to submit suggestions of preferred names and possible alternatives.

Councils have guidelines for this process and require that the name be based on, or derived from, names of adjoining roads, townland names or other local geographical or historical features.  Only in exceptional circumstances will names that incorporate a person's name be considered.

You should contact us before creating title or promotional literature for any new property or development.  Incorrect or unauthorised postal addresses can create confusion and could cause complications for the emergency services and the occupiers.

The Council's Street Naming and numbering Policy can be downloaded below. The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear methodology for the Naming, Numbering, and Renaming of Streets, and for Dual Language Street Signs.