Property Certificate Applications

Online is the quickest and most convenient way of applying for a Local Government Property Certificate using the link

 What is a Local Government Property Certificate?

A Property certificate is usually sought when a property is being purchased and is requested by a member of the legal profession.

This certificate should only be applied for by solicitors for conveyancing purposes only (property sales).

It enables a prospective purchaser to find out if there are any breaches of statutory provisions in relation to the property and if any legal action has been taken or is pending in relation to a number of Council services.

This service does not cover issuing building control certificates associated with works at your address.

How do I apply for a property certificate?

The Property Certificate will usually be requested by the solicitor acting on behalf of a prospective purchaser of a property.

An application form must be submitted in duplicate together with two copies of a 1:2500 location map and the required fee Property Certificate Application. The applicant must indicate which type of Certificate is required (see below).

What fee is payable?

(a) Certificate for standard 10-year search - £90

(b) Certificate for the extended search (back to October 1973) - £122

(c) Certificate for any specified 10-year period beyond the standard 10-year search as (a) - £90

(d) Application for a 'clear' certificate (request for a further certificate after the standard certificate has been issued) or to request a duplicate copy - £38

An online application can also be submitted at

A Property certificate application form can be downloaded (solicitor use only) below