Building regulations require the builder to give the council prior notice of various stages of work.  Telephone 0300 013 3333 or email:

Stage of work Minimum notice
Commencement two days
Foundation (excavation) two days
Foundation (concrete) two days
Materials or concrete or dpc laid over site two days
Before covering drains or sewers two days
After covering drains or sewers five days
Before covering any above-ground structural elements two days
Before covering any sound insulation measures two days
After completion five days
Before occupation five days

In the calculation of a period of notice "day" means any period of 24 hours commencing at midnight on the day which the notice is given and excludes any Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.

The regulations lay down the minimum notice periods. The council will generally respond to an inspection request on the same day, provided the request is made before 10.30am.

Building works should be inspected at stages detailed below:

  • commencement
  • foundations
  • hardcore
  • damp proof courses
  • drainage
  • completion

In addition to responding to statutory notices, the council will normally inspect other aspects of the construction such as walls, floors, roofs, or stairs. These inspections are normally arranged by agreement with the builder.

Building Control officers will provide assistance and advice on any building regulation matter. If you give the correct notices and keep in regular contact, you will avoid the difficulties associated with contraventions.

Building Control Inspections during the Covid – 19 outbreak. (update 04.09. 2020)

Due to the current government guidance the Council’s Building Control service has had to adapt.

No inspections of occupied buildings will be taking place until further notice, however as required by legislation all inspections will still need to be notified to the Building Control service via Please include any photographs that you can provide, along with your name and contact telephone number. 

The online application system will continue to receive applications as far as possible. 

This situation will be kept under review and may change.