Dangerous structures and dilapidations

Building owners must ensure their buildings are properly maintained in a safe condition, so that members of the public using a road, street or footpath are not put at risk.  Councils are responsible for inspecting dangerous buildings, walls and structures that adjoin or abut any street or public footpath. The Building Control service carries out these inspections in Ards and North Down. 
In the event that the owners fail to maintain their building in a safe condition the Council may serve a notice on the owner specifying the nature of the danger and requesting that it be made safe.  If the notice is not acted upon within the stated time period, the Council may carry out works to make the building safe and recover the cost through legal action. 

To notify the Council of a structure that may pose a danger to members of the public using a road, street or footpath: 

Phone: 0300 013 3333 or  email: buildingcontrol@ardsandnorthdown.gov.uk