Registration Office Opening Hours over the Christmas/New Year period:

Monday 23rd December – Ards Closed.  Bangor – Normal Opening Hours
Tuesday 24th December – Offices Closed
Wednesday 25th December – Offices Closed
Thursday 26th December – Ards Closed.  Bangor – Open 9 am until 11 am for the registration of deaths only
Friday 27th December – Ards Closed.  Bangor – Normal Opening Hours.
Monday 30th December - Ards Closed. Bangor - Normal Opening Hours
Tuesday 31st December - Ards Closed. Bangor - Normal Opening Hours
Wednesday 1st January 2020 - Officers Closed. Reopening Tuesday 2nd January 2020.

​Please note that from 1st September 2017 the Registrar’s Office located at Bangor Castle and Church Street, Newtownards will be operating an appointment only system.

To make an appointment at Bangor Castle please ring 0300 013 3333 ext. 40784

To make an appointment at Church Street, Newtownards please ring 0300 013 3333 

Civil partnership is a legal relationship, which can be formed by two people of the same sex.  It gives same-sex couples the ability to obtain legal recognition of their relationship.  Couples who form a civil partnership will have legal status, that of a civil partner. Information on Marriage and Civil Partnership fees from 1 April 2018 can be downloaded here.

The civil partnership registration may take place in a registrar’s office or at an approved place.
Any two people, regardless of where they live , can register a civil partnership in Northern Ireland, provided they are:

  • the same sex
  • aged 18 or above on the day of your ceremony (consent is needed if either of you is aged 16 or 17)
  • unrelated to one another in a way that would prevent you from forming a civil partnership
  • free to enter into a partnership, for example, neither of you is already a civil partner or legally married

You must also complete a civil partnership notice form and return it along with other documents to the registrar's office in the district where you plan to form your partnership.  A form is available from the council offices at:

  • Town Hall, The Castle, Bangor, BT20 4BT
  • 2 Church Street, Newtownards, BT23 4AP  

Download the Civil Partnership Notice Form

You will need to fill in the form and provide these documents:

  • your full (long version) birth certificate (authorised photocopies are not acceptable)
  • your passport or national identity card - the registrar can advise on alternatives if you do not hold either of these
  • a consent form (if you're aged 16 or 17) - these are available from the registrar
  • if you have entered into a civil partnership before, a court order of dissolution for that partnership
  • if you have been married before and the marriage was dissolved, a certificate of divorce or annulment or a certified copy decree (decrees must be absolute or final)
  • if you have been married more than once, only the documents for your most recent marriage are required
  • if you are a widow, widower or surviving civil partner, the death certificate of your former spouse or civil partner


You can buy civil partnership certificates at the point of registration. Each certificate costs £8.00. You can pay by credit/debit card, cheque or cash.

Additional civil partnership certificates

You cannot buy additional civil partnership certificates from the registrar's office at any time after registration. You can only buy these from the General Register Office in Belfast. An additional certificate costs £15.00.

General Register Office
Colby House
Stranmillis Court
Telephone: 0300 200 7890
General Register Office website

The UK Government will make regulations that will mean civil marriage between couples of the same-sex, and civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples, will be lawful in Northern Ireland from 13 January 2020.

From that date, we expect that couples will be able to give notice of their intent to form a civil same-sex marriage or opposite-sex civil partnership to the General Register Office for Northern Ireland. The minimum period of notice is usually 28 days.

The UK government plans to publish a consultation on religious same-sex marriage with the intention of making regulations to enable religious same sex marriage in Northern Ireland in 2020. They think it is right that religious organisations, faith groups and individuals are able to give their views on same sex couples marrying in religious ceremonies, just as they did in England, Wales and Scotland. This means that there will be a short delay before introducing religious same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland for those religious organisations that choose to do so.

They also intend to consult on the right to convert a civil partnership to marriage (and vice versa).

For more information and updates see