Burials and Cemeteries

Burials and Cemeteries in Ards and North Down   

Ards and North Down Borough Council, and indeed all councils in Northern Ireland, are bound by the Burial Ground Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1992, which detail strict guidance in terms of the functions of a council in relation to its burial grounds.    

Grave capacity   

At the time of purchase, Council graves are not sold with a guaranteed occupancy as ground conditions vary in cemeteries.  If a grave is to be used for subsequent burials we cannot always confirm that it will accommodate a further coffin without checking any available records held or testing for depth (for which there is a charge of £112).  Please do not hesitate to contact the cemeteries office to discuss how any remaining depth can be clarified for you in advance of any need to reopen a family grave.    

For further information please telephone our Cemetery Office on 028 9182 4001 / 028 9182 4002 or email cemeteries@ardsandnorthdown.gov.uk

View the Cemeteries Procedures Rules and Regulations 2023/2024 

View an up to date list of Cemetery charges for 2023/2024

Read important information and advice about Grave Subsidence

Cemetery Opening Hours

Cemetery opening hours vary throughout the year as below: any changes to these times will be communicated via our website and social media channels.  

  • November to February: 9am - 4pm 
  • March & October: 9am - 6pm 
  • April & September: 8am – 8pm 
  • May to August: 8am – 9pm 

Funeral Arrangements 

Your first contact for funeral enquiries is the undertaker who can make all the arrangements for you, including:  

  • liaising with the council regarding the date and time of burial 
  • opening a grave or buying a new grave 

Burials are arranged with the staff in the council offices for cemeteries which are maintained by the council. 

Child Funeral Fund (Department for Communities)

The Child Funeral Fund provides a one-off lump sum payment of £3,056 to cover the expense of a funeral in the event of the death of a child under the age of 18, or stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy.  

For more details read the Child Funeral Fund leaflet

Further information and an application form is available at The Child Funeral Fund | nidirect

The cemeteries administration office 

Our administration Office is located at 2 Church Street, Newtownards. Telephone numbers are 028 9182 4001 or 028 9182 4002. 

Bereavement Services 

Our Bereavement Services Officer is located at 2 Church Street, Newtownards. Telephone 0300 013 3333 

Contact our Bereavement Services if you have a query about our cemeteries. 

About our Cemeteries 

Currently, the only cemeteries with new graves available to pre-purchase are:- 

  • Greyabbey 
  • Loughview 
  • Kircubbin 
  • Kirkistown 
  • Whitechurch 

There are no new graves available in the following cemeteries, but burials can still take place in existing graves:- 

  • Bangor New 
  • Comber 
  • Priory 

The following cemeteries have graves that can only be purchased at the time of an Interment:- 

  • Clandeboye 
  • Movilla 
  • Ballyvester 
  • Redburn 


If you require a headstone to be put in place, contact a headstone memorial sculptor who can make the necessary arrangements with the council regarding the submission of plans to the Cemeteries Administration Office, 2 Church Street, Newtownards for approval.  


There is only one crematorium in Northern Ireland, which is located at Roselawn in Belfast and is under the control of Belfast City Council.  In this case, your undertaker will advise you as to how to proceed with arrangements. 

Roselawn Cemetery 
127 Ballygowan Road 
BT5 7UD 

Telephone 028 9044 8288 

Searching for burial records from before 1869? 

In Northern Ireland, most information is held by the Public Record Office for Northern Ireland (PRONI) which contains archives dating back to around 1600. Some material can also be searched online through the PRONI website Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) | nidirect

You can also call PRONI on 028 9053 4800