Your first contact for funeral enquiries is the undertaker who can make all the arrangements for you, including: 

  • liaising with the council regarding the date and time of burial
  • opening a grave or buying a new grave

Burials are arranged with the staff in the council offices for cemeteries which are maintained by the council.

The cemeteries administration office address is 2 Church Street, Newtownards and the telephone numbers are 028 9182 4001 or 028 9182 4002.

There are different places for burial in Ards and North Down:

  • Ballyvester Cemetery (Donaghadee)
  • Comber Cemetery
  • Greyabbey New Cemetery
  • Loughview Cemetery (Comber)
  • Kircubbin Cemetery
  • Kirkistown Cemetery
  • Movilla Cemetery (Newtownards)
  • Whitechurch Cemetery (Ballywalter)
  • Clandeboye Cemetery
  • Bangor New Cemetery
  • Redburn Cemetery (Holywood)
  • Priory Cemetery (Holywood)

Please note that opening time for all cemeteries is 8.00am. Closing dates vary throughout the year and can be found here

If you require a headstone to be put in place, contact a headstone memorial sculptor who can make the necessary arrangements with the council regarding the submission of plans to the Cemeteries Administration Office, 2 Church Street, Newtownards for approval. 

There is only one crematorium in Northern Ireland, which is located at Roselawn in Belfast and is under the control of Belfast City Council.  In this case your undertaker will advise you as to how to proceed with arrangements.

Roselawn Cemetery
127 Ballygowan Road
Belfast                                                                                                                                                                                           BT5 7UD
Telephone 028 9044 8288

Cemetery charges 2018/19
Grave plots  
Residents within council area £262
Applicants residing outside council area £1963

Interments - each opening (Saturday, Public and Bank Holiday Burials - 30% increase)

Residents or resident owner of a grave who has subsequently moved out of the Borough £199*
Non-residents (interred in plot owned by non resident) £199
Non-residents (interred in plot owned by resident) £855
Public ground £65
Removal of cement covering £60
Testing of graves for remaining depth £105
Stillborn infants / Children under the age 18 years of age No burial fee
Interment of body parts, resident £68
Interment of body parts, non-resident £136
Cremated remains  
Residents and non-residents £68
Remembrance trees  
Tree and granite plaque, resident £241
Tree and granite plaque, non-resident £483
Replacement plaque £105
Exhumation fee £3008
 Approval fee, residents and non-residents £68
Additional inscription fee for residents and non-residents under review

Additional fee for memorials with block foundations, residents and non-residents

Block foundations apply to sections LX and MX - Clandeboye and from plot 2712 onwards- Redburn Cemetery



Fee for duplicate grant of right of burial £68

Registration fee for transfer /assignment on probate or succession

(regardless of whether the spouse or civil partner of the deceased is a resident or non-resident)

Registration fee for transfer / assignment on probate or succession (resident to non-resident) £1533
Search of Register of Burials or Rights of Burials £43

*'Resident' for the purpose of the Scale of Charges relating to Burial Grounds includes:-

a. Any person whose last address before being admitted to hospital or a care home was within the Borough. Persons who have been resident in a care home for 2 years or more are classed as residents.

b. Former residents of the Borough who had left to receive treatment or care from a relative leading up to the time of their death (medical evidence is required in this instance).