StAND for Sustainability

Ards and North Down Borough Council launched the StAND for Sustainability campaign on Monday 17 September, in a bid to reduce the reliance on single-use plastics within the Borough and help address the global plastic waste pandemic which is having such a negative impact on our planet, oceans and wildlife.

As part of this new campaign, all Council staff were encouraged to consider alternatives to single-use plastics across both their working and personal lives through involvement with 'Plastic Pledge Week.' Additionally, single-use plastics will be eradicated where possible from Council-led premises and events. This message is also being filtered across the Council’s supply chain, to our stakeholders, residents, the business community and other organisations.

A number of businesses have already made positive steps towards eliminating single-use plastic waste.  Robin’s Nest Coffee Shop in Donaghadee has switched to a number of compostable packaging options from coffee cups and lids, to sugar sachets, straws and take-away food containers. The business has also turned to using paper bags and recycles all waste streams including using ground coffee waste in their own vegetable beds, as it has nitrogen to aid growth.

Speaking about their transition to becoming a more sustainable business, owner Jill Kelly commented saying “Although we’ve always been environmentally aware, our children who attend Donaghadee Primary School have further educated us on the impact our business is having on the environment, therefore, these latest initiatives have encouraged us to take further steps to do more. We have also found that compostable products are a lot easier to source now and not as expensive. Our waste is cleaner and just by ‘thinking’ and being more aware, it’s amazing the difference you can make.”

Council would like to hear of other sustainability success stories from residents, organisations and businesses from within the Borough – whether you are making big or small changes; your efforts are making a difference and we would love to hear about them.  Council officers are working on a range of initiatives aimed at helping local businesses to ‘take a StAND for Sustainability and will be promoting both the environmental and economic business sense of this approach to improve business excellence.  To tell us your story or find out more please contact