Choose To Reuse 2022

Background and Objectives 

‘Choose to Reuse in 2022’, is the Council’s new campaign to encourage residents and businesses to reuse items, rather than throw them away. It is one of several initiatives, as part of the wider ‘StAND for Sustainability’ strategy, which sits at the centre of Council’s Corporate Plan. 

Recycling is great, but reusing or repurposing items is better still. It uses less energy and over time encourages us to think differently about our purchasing decisions and how we use items we own. 

When we make the decision that we are not simply going to throw items away and buy replacements, we are inclined to buy something of higher quality, something that will last, and something we actually need.  

The new campaign is underpinned by two new service offerings:

  • The ‘Refresh Large Appliances Collection Scheme’, is run by Refresh Appliances, a Social Enterprise Company, within the Borough. 
  • ‘Freecycle Bulky Goods Collection Scheme’ (Update: October 2022 - please note, this trial scheme has now closed.)

Residents should also consider local charities who may be interested in collecting their goods.  A list of local charities can be found online.   

Refresh Large Appliances Collection Scheme - available from 4 January 2022

Background on Service Provider and Scheme 

Refresh Appliances is a Social Enterprise Company, providing a domestic appliance sales and repair service which includes the remanufacture and repair of the large appliances. 

The company provides training and employment opportunities to local people in the Ards and North Down Borough. 

In order to manage a regular pipeline of stock for refurbishment, Refresh Appliances has a contract with European Recycling Platform to collect appliances from several local authorities. 

Details of How the Scheme Works 

To further improve the service, Refresh Appliances has secured funding to provide a direct collection service from householders for one year.  This scheme is free of charge and launches Tuesday 4 January 2022. 

Large appliances, which are eligible for collection as part of the scheme are: 

  • Washing machines 
  • Tumble dryers 
  • Dishwashers 
  • Cookers and hobs 

Please note that Fridge/Freezers and Gas Appliances are NOT included in this collection scheme. 

Booking Information 

Bookings should be made directly through Refresh Appliances and collections will be twice weekly.  Contact details are as follows: