Bring Bank Centres

Glass Recycling

Glass ‘bring’ facilities are available at all 9 of Council’s Household Recycling Centres plus 7 standalone sites in the following publicly accessible locations:  

  • Anchor Car Park, Springfield Road, Portavogie 
  • Bangor Sportsplex  
  • Bloomfield Shopping Centre 
  • Crawfordsburn Glen, Cootehall Road 
  • Groomsport Harbour 
  • Killinchy Community Centre, Beechvale Road 
  • Village Hall, Newtownards Road, Greyabbey 

Please continue to take advantage of your kerbside recycling boxes for any household glass waste.  Download the Binovation App to help keep you on track with collection dates and news updates.

If you require a new or an additional box, contact with your full name, address (including postcode) and telephone number. 

Thank you to everyone who recycles their glass waste, and to all our residents who currently use their household glass box to recycle: in 2019/2020 we collected over 2,100 tonnes of glass from your doorsteps! 


Textile Recycling

Textile ‘bring’ facilities are available at all 9 of Council’s Household Recycling Centres plus 6 standalone sites in the following publicly accessible locations:

  • Bangor Sportsplex
  • Bloomfield Shopping Centre
  • Banks Lane
  • Greyabbey Community Centre
  • Portavogie (Anchor Car Park)
  • Groomsport Harbour

Frequently asked questions

Will frequency of kerbside glass collections from households be increased?

On the basis of the percentage of glass in household waste, a box should provide the average household with 4 weeks capacity, however the Council will provide a second box on request to households struggling with capacity.

The Council recognises that on occasions (parties, celebrations, etc.) excess glass may arise. On these occasions householders can avail of the banks located in the Household Recycling Centres as well as at a limited number of locations across the Borough.

There are no plans for increased frequency of collection at present but our services are always kept under review.

What do I do if my collection box isn’t big enough for my household glass waste or if it has been lost or damaged?

Householders can request a second box and glass banks are being retained at the HRCs and a number of other locations that were traditionally well used.

If you require a new/additional glass collection box, please contact

Please include your name, address (including postcode) and telephone number so that your request can be processed as quickly as possible.

Are there plans to introduce bins for household glass waste?

There are currently no plans to introduce bins for household glass waste.

Bins were considered but as many properties have problems storing 3 bins already - bins remaining on the footpath 24/7 is an issue in some residential areas - it was felt that the box would present less storage problems for households, particularly as it can be stored inside a wheeled bin between collections.