Young Eco-Warriors Recognised at Bangor Aurora

Monday 17th June 2019

Eco-warrior students visited Bangor Aurora to celebrate their achievements and receive their certificates for completing the Council led ‘Eco Champs’ play clubs.

Young Eco-warriors at Bangor Aurora with the Mayor

More than 100 children visited Bangor Aurora on Friday 14 June to celebrate a successful year of taking part in a variety of Council led ‘Eco Champion’ play clubs that have educated young eco-warrior students on the importance of looking after our environment.

Ards and North Down Borough Council’s Recycling Community Investment Fund (RCIF) has enabled the Community Development Team to implement a range of eco-friendly schemes involving local schoolchildren.

Children across the Borough have learned about the importance of recycling through a variety of workshop sessions and the Bangor Aurora gathering was the culmination of more than 10 different Eco Champion projects.

Those projects included a visit to an organic farm, the construction of a fully-functional plastic bottle greenhouse and the children even became ‘pollution police’ for a day.

“Young people are the next guardians of our environment so we’re using Council clubs to spark their interest in the world and their environment,” said Alderman Bill Keery, Mayor of Ards and North Down. “We’ve encouraged kids by creating a variety of play-work clubs that have enabled them to make a difference.”

“Since September, they’ve had opportunities to take part in more than 10 different activities and all of them now have increased awareness, knowledge and enthusiasm about the environment and recycling. They’re all now capable of putting what they’ve learned into practice wherever they go and can actively live being the eco-champions of the present and future.”

Students enjoyed a final W5 environment and science workshop at Bangor Aurora as well as a disco and other fun activities to celebrate their achievements. They were presented with eco-warrior t-shirts and certificates for completing the workshops as well as goody bags courtesy of Community Planning.

The entire Eco Champion programme was made possible by the Recycling Community Investment Fund (RCIF), which was established three years ago thanks to the recycling efforts of local residents.

It costs the Council half as much to recycle waste compared to the cost of sending it to landfill and almost £15m has been saved over the past four years in landfill costs through improved recycling efforts by the local community.

These savings helped to form the RCIF, enabling the Council to support these recycling efforts through the Eco Champion scheme and many other initiatives throughout the Borough.