Wild Days Out - Free Family Fun this summer!

Thursday 14th July 2022

Ards and North Down Borough Council hosts Wild Days Out event – giving families the chance to be at one with nature!

Collage of images showing a bee on flowers, a moth in grass and trees in apark

Wild Days Out is coming to Castle Park in Bangor this July. The FREE outdoor event gives local families the opportunity to interact with the great outdoors through a variety of activities including animal home building, foraging, mini-beast hunts and more.  

The activities are running from Monday 25 July – Friday 29 July from 11am to 1pm and no registration is required. 

Day 1: Monday 25th July - Feasts for Feathers 

Using binoculars, take a tour of the site and count how many different species you can spot and learn their names. Help feed our feathered friends by making lots of tasty cakes and treats from raw ingredients. Using natural and recycled materials, these treats can be left in the park or taken home and are completely biodegradable. 

Day 2: Tuesday 26th July - Wild Survival Skills 

Could you survive in the wild? Leave behind your warm house with the kitchen and cosy beds and learn how to build a shelter and forage for food. Find natural resources to protect you from the wind and rain and enjoy tasting a variety of plants found in your natural surroundings. Try the special recipe of herbal tea or you can make your own flavour too! 

Day 3: Wednesday 27th July - Potty Pottery – Natural Art 

Come along on a guided tour of Castle Park and collect natural materials to make your own unique piece of art! Be creative with leaves, twigs and petals to make wonderful pictures, pieces of jewellery or models of your favourite animals! 

Day 4: Thursday 28th July - Bug’s Life! 

Find out what lives in the grass, between the trees and in the ponds. Catch them in nets and scoop them from the water, watch them up close with magnifying glasses and learn their names. 

Day 5: Friday 29th July - Nature’s Nooks 

Roll up your sleeves and learn new carpentry skills to make a new home for wildlife. Use hand tools like hammers and saws to cut timber and make your own bird box, bat box or mini bee hotel to take home. Your garden will thank you for it with lots of new wild visitors. 

All activities will take place outdoors, so please wear suitable clothing. Under 16’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Each event will be held in the lower car park at Castle Park.