Council Joins National Campaign to Encourage Residents to Buy Social

Tuesday 24th September 2019

Ards and North Down Borough Council has joined a national campaign to encourage residents and visitors to the borough to use their spending power to build a better world - and the Council is urging all social enterprises in Ards and North Down to get involved.

Council supports Buy Social campaign

The Buy Social for a Better World Campaign, which runs from 7-12 October 2019, urges consumers to spend their money with social enterprises and create a positive impact through their everyday spend.

Social enterprises are businesses that are set up to build a better world – trading for a social or environmental purpose and re-investing the majority of their profits back towards their social mission. There are over 100,000 of these businesses in the UK, contributing £60 billion to the economy.

The Mayor of Ards and North Down, Alderman Bill Keery, said:

“We have 29 social enterprises in Ards and North Down, each offering various services and products with a positive social impact, and the Council is pleased to support our social enterprise sector with the Social Enterprise Programme which has helped to create 22 jobs since 2015.”

“I want to urge all of the social enterprises in Ards and North Down to get involved with the Council and the campaign. If we can all work together, the campaign will be more effective and everyone will reap the rewards.”

Commenting on the campaign, Peter Holbrook, CEO of Social Enterprise UK, said:

“Social enterprises are the future of business – they are growing right across our economy and scaling quickly, creating outstanding products whilst doing what’s right for people and planet. Whether it’s creating fair and secure work or running renewable community energy schemes, they offer a beacon of hope and a blueprint towards a more sustainable and fairer future.

“However, in order to succeed, social enterprises need your support. Consumers have real power and social enterprises can only create impact if people continue to buy from them. When you buy social, you’re helping to build a better world.” 

To sign up to participate in the campaign, visit and use the #BuySocial hashtag during the week to encourage others to ‘buy social’.